About Us

Khristina McCarthy

I started this blog for my own convenience to save all the wonderful tutorials and free patterns that are available by such generous people out there willing to share them with us. Then I realised that so many people are like me and need a place to have all of these wonderful free links saved. This has been a really exciting venture to do for all my friends as well as myself. I really do thank you all for your comments and support as they are appreciated. It does take time keep things fresh and new but I love doing it. I am from the state of Queensland but with my husbands work we move occasionally and since 2015 currently live in the state of New South Wales in Australia.

Diana Hopp

Diana is from Bargara in my home state of Queensland and enjoys quilting and scrap-booking.

Anita Riley

Anita lives in New South Wales and like myself and Diana enjoys quilting and scrapbooking. We have known each other through online groups since about 2002. Since then we have met many times and since 2015 we currently live in the same states of NSW.


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