Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Amy Butler

This is the 300th post on my Freebies blog. So for something different I thought I would post about a CHALLENGE that is over at I HAVE A NOTION. You get to design Amy Butler and her teams name badges. Yes you!!! How fun is that? And if you win this challenge whats in it for you, I hear you ask? One, the pride in seeing your name badges on Amy Butler and her staff. (Kelly plans on taking lots of pix in Houston) Two, your name posted on I Have A Notion as a "Spanked Out Designer" and..... four patterns, Stationary and some surprise goodies from Amy. The unfortunate thing is its only open to US participants because of time restrictions.

On top of that Kelly is having a GIVEAWAY of luggage tags she has made from Amy Butler fabrics. So get across quick for a chance to win and to participate in the fun challenge.

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creativedawn said... will be OKAY! lol...I thought about you when I read that this morning...about it being USA only....So I know that inspires you to have a challenge of your own, now doesn't it...anyhoo, I am waiting patiently for your "owl" challenge...teeheehee...I know it will have something to do with
hole lots of huggzies


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