Tuesday 31 December 2013

Envelope from a Heart

What a cute way to send your loved one something. This cute envelope made from the shape of a heart over at Useful DIY.

Friday 13 December 2013

Hoot Hoot

Carla from The Scientific Seamstress blog has this cute owl project, that even includes instructions for teaching the project to kids/adults.  Link to the pdf is under the top owl pic on her blog.

Christmas Tree Ideas

 Links over at Whoot


Tuesday 10 December 2013

Easy Half Square Triangles

Rotating Canned Food System

Well how nifty is this. What a great way to be organised and not lose things in the back of the cupboard..

Rotating canned food system

Well how nifty is this. What a great way to be organised and not lose things in the back of the cupboard..

Quilted Wine Tote Tutorial

Quilted Wine Tote

The original link from Happier Than A Bird Quilts seems to have been removed but I have since found this tutorial over at Needle and Spatula for a similar wine tote.



Christmas Quilt Blocks

Paper piecing patterns over at Craftsy. You do have to join but it will allow you to download the free pattern.


Wednesday 27 November 2013

Cork Ideas for Christmas

Some cute ideas to use those wine corks up.

Cork Christmas Trees

Cute idea for a Christmas Cork Tree.

another way on how to put together Christmas Cork Tree


and another with a beaded wire garland


Christmas Party Food

Cookie Cutter Fudge 

Santa Hat Brownies | daisysworld.net

 Santa and Reindeer Truffles Recipe

christmas party food ideas 

Grinch Party Poppers 

 Festive Cheddar Tree 

Great for us Aussies who have a hot summer Christmas day. Great for a BBQ.

Watermelon grill with fruit kabobs 

 Bite-sized guacamole stuffed tomatoes


Sock Snake

Use you mismatched socks up to make this
Sock Snake 

Magazine recycled into an Envelope

Make an envelope out of a magazine page

OMG this is such a great idea. Love it!

magazine page paper craft 

Some more ideas to recycle your magazines and make something useful.

Naughty Holiday Drinks

Who doesn't like to be naughty at times.
Share some Naughty Holiday Drinks with your family and friends.

Now for us in Aussie land this would be a very nice naughty refreshing drink.
Tipsy Wine Slushies

or Scintillating Summer Cocktails

or how about this interesting mix Frosty Mexican Bulldog Margarita

I know a few friends who I think would enjoy this one!

Spicy Mexican Bulldog

Recycled magazine coasters

Secret Garden Trapunto Quilt

 secret garden trapunto quilt pattern

Sock Monkey

how to sew sock monkey

Peek-A-Boo" Toy Sacks

What a terrific way to store toys or other goodies and know what is in the bag 

 and this Lego sack that folds out as a mat is a great idea too.

Tumblers made from Wine Bottles

Fantastic idea.

Plastic Bottle Zipper Container

Plastic Bottle Zipper Container

Circular Logic - Envelope

Envelope made with circles.

She also shares how to make the cute elephant card.

Tiny Bows

Tony Bow On The Fork

Clever way to make tiny bows over at Handimania

Step 05 - B


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