Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baby Shower Ideas

I am currently looking for cute Baby Shower Ideas so if you come across any links please feel free to leave me a comment.

Candy Pacifiers over at Hope Studios

 Nail polish makes great favors for a baby shower as well.  Reveal the baby’s gender with boy or girl color nail polish as a favor.

This isn't a pattern or tutorial but I think most of us could figure out how to make these tiny little baby nappies and then pop something cute in them for party favors. 

 Gingerbread Babies



handmadeby EvaRose said...

baby diaper cake display

susie said...

Hi Khris,
I always liked making the little tea envelope. You make it from card stock, print any design you want and fold it like a matchbook cover. Place a yummy, soothing tea bag inside. One of my favorite sayings to print on it was ' A Baby is Brewing' They were a hit at my party and all the girls actually made a cup of tea!
I hope you have a lovely party...

margaret waters said...

It's a goldmine of ideas


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